Katepwa Lake Camp would not be able to thrive without the selfless work of so many volunteers.  At KLC we are constantly striving to be amazing servants of Christ and volunteering is another way that we you are able to do that.  Consider one of our many volunteer opportunities.



Summer - Maintenance

It takes a lot of hands to keep the keep looking good all summer long.  Whether you are a professional contractor or just like to get your hands dirty, we have a job for you!  Painting, clearing brush, yard maintenance and repairs around the camp are just a few of the ways you can get involved.  And don't worry, we will provide all the tools you need to get these jobs done (but we certainly won't say no if you want to bring your own!).  

SUMMER - Kitchen Assistants

KLC has been known for feeding delicious food to hundred of campers, staff and volunteers for many years.  Are you the person who can help us continue the tradition of our delicious and speedy food.  As a kitchen assistant your duties will range from preparing simple deserts, cutting fruit and veggies, baking snack, minor meal prep and putting away groceries.   We look forward to your help!


SUMMER - Program & Cabin Leading

We know there are so many people who are passionate about KLC and camp ministry, but maybe don't have the time or ability to commit to a whole summer.   We are strive to provide opportunities for people to come back and be a part of camp, even if just for a week or two.  If you have a passion for camp ministry and would like to jump back into a familiar role, let us know!


Spring & Fall - Hosting

Do you love spending time at KLC?  Does spending a few days or a weekend at the camp sound like a great time?  We are looking for people that could be the host for smaller rental groups.  With support of a staff or board member on call, you would have to ensure the group has all they need, answer questions they may have and make sure the facilities are used properly.  You get to do this all while enjoying a relaxing weekend at KLC.

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