Camp Wishlist

It takes a lot of different things to run a camp.  Below you will find a few of the things that the camp is currently in need of.  Please consider donating.


Stand-Up Cooler

With the death of one of our coolers last year, the camp is now down to one cooler which is not enough.  We are in need of another stand up cooler so that we are able to properly refrigerate our products and avoid spoilage.



We are constantly looking to improve our camp and perform small maintenance projects around the camp.  A skidsteer would allow us to complete some of these jobs in a fraction of the time it would take to do them by hand.  Also, with the long road down into the camp, we can always use a machine to help clear the road.



Whether it is repairs or new builds, the camp constantly needs lumber to complete these tasks.  Any good lumber is welcome!


Pressure Washer

 The job of keeping our buildings, boats and vehicles in pristine condition would be made a great deal quicker with the help of an electric or gas pressure washer.  



There are many jobs around the camp that would be made a lot easier for our maintenance and program staff with the assistance of an ATV.  Having an ATV would also lessen the amount that the trucks would have to be used.