Are you looking to be a part of an amazing summer experience?

Katepwa Lake Camp is always looking for eager people to join our amazing summer staff.  If you are a person who loves Jesus, camp and kids, then consider joining us next summer!  Camp Ministry makes the difference in the lives of so many youth every year and we need you!  Whether you are new to KLC or just have some questions, feel free to contact us and we would LOVE to chat with you about how awesome a summer at KLC can be!

Take a Peak at Some of our Summer positions

No matter your skills or interests, there is a position for you.  We have many different positions to fill for this summer so check them out!

Program Staff:


The program director is responsible for, with the assistance of the other program staff, creating and implementing fun and unique programming for campers of all ages.  The program director will also be responsible for overseeing cabin leaders and ensuring they have all the skills and tools necessary to excel at their job.  

The Worship & Media Director spearheads organizing and administering chapel and campfire sessions, while also being in charge of everything related to media (sound system, video, pictures, etc).  The Worship & Media Director will also be responsible for assisting with the creation and implementation of programming.   

The L.I.T. Director oversees the coordination and administration of the training of our future leaders.  The L.I.T. Director spearheads planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the programming for two-three week sessions focusing on leadership development and mentorship for youth ages 13-17.   


Cabin staff:


Senior Cabin Leaders are part of our front line in camp ministry and one of the most important positions at the camp.  These cabin leaders are responsible for leading a group of 8-12 campers per week, as well as mentor a junior cabin leader and/or and L.I.T.  They will also take part in teaching skills and leading other aspects of programming.  

Junior Cabin Leaders are also a part of our front line in camp ministry.  These cabin leaders are responsible for leading a group of 8-12 campers per week under the supervision and guidance of a Senior Cabin Leader.  They will also take part in teaching skills and leading aspects of programming.  


Facilities staff:


The Head Chef is responsible for providing delicious and nutritious meals to campers, staff and volunteers.  They will also work with the Executive Director to come up with a nutritionally balanced menu while working within a budget. The Head Chef will also oversee kitchen volunteers and ordering of groceries.  

Maintenance Staff are responsible for overseeing and administering all aspects of maintenance and improvement to Katepwa Lake Camp.  They will also be responsible for keeping an up-to-date list of all repairs needing to be completed and those that are complete.  Maintenance volunteers will also be under the guidance of the Maintenance staff.  

The Waterfront Coordinator is in charge of all supervision, instruction and programming on the beach and in the water.  The Waterfront Coordinator will also ensure the beach is clean and all life jackets, paddles and other water accessories are stored.  Most importantly, they are in charge of ensuring that beach front rules are  followed and everything is safe.  


JOIN US IN 2018!!!