Empowering Young Leaders!

The L.I.T. Program at Katepwa Lake Camp has been successfully training and equipping young leaders for over 60 years.  This co-ed, two year leadership development program provides a unique mix of formal and hands-on learning experiences.  KLC prides itself on providing a well-rounded and intensive leadership program that not only prepares campers for cabin leading, but also for leadership opportunities in their own churches, schools and communities.

Program Breakdown:

1ST YEAR: The first two weeks of the L.I.T. program focus on introducing leadership concepts through a variety of channels: teaching sessions, guest speakers, and looking at how Jesus led in  scripture.  During this time, campers develop strong relationships with other L.I.T.'s and experienced leaders.  During these first two weeks the campers are provided with valuable feedback, close personal support from leaders and opportunities for reflection.

In the third week of the 1st Year programming the training the camper received in the first two weeks gets put into action.  Working under the supervision of a senior cabin leader, the L.I.T. will get their first experience being a cabin leader.  This is their chance to use all the skills they developed in the first two weeks.

2ND YEAR: After having had a year to practice the leadership skills they learned in first year, these campers are ready for the next step in their training.  This year the campers will have the opportunity to experience a little more of what it is like to be a staff member.  Their training begins with a week where they are fully immersed in staff training (with all other staff).  At staff training, L.I.T.'s will participate in leadership sessions, early-childhood education training, vulnerable and children at risk seminars and group building.  They will also have opportunities to get their hands dirty and serve by getting the camp ready for the summer.  

After staff training, these L.I.T.'s will then have a week of focused training with their L.I.T. director who will guide them through more specific leadership training and development.  These sessions will build on things they learned in 1st year, but will dig a little bit deeper.  They will also have the opportunity to start self-reflecting and getting a handle on "their story."  

In their third week, like in their 1st year, L.I.T.'s will once again be in the cabin, getting hands-on experience with leading a group of children.  This will be their chance to use all the skills they have learned over the two years of training, while still feeling safe under the supervision and mentorship of a senior cabin leader.  Following this week, assuming everything goes well, the L.I.T.'s are ready to 'graduate' from the program and become KLC staff members and leaders in their home communities.