A Destination

We have a phrase that sums up our Core Values in three simple words


The expansive waterfront and acres of rolling hills provide a serene setting for all aspects of our camping experience. Founded in 1949, the rich history of this camp is one that is ingrained into each person that finds themselves diving head first into any of our multitude of camping experiences. KLC is a dynamic place where God is continuously at work. We hope that as you build time and energy that this place will become your choice getaway destination.


We exist to provide an excellent camp experience where all have the opportunity to come to a saving faith in Christ, fostering long lasting Christ-centered relationships that grow and serve. 

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You will discover new friends and experience new things about yourself and grow as a person when you get involved in all the events that KLC offers. From the time you arrive until you pack up and head for home you will be in for an epic journey to become.


Whether you have been to KLC before or not, you will be loved, cared for and included as one of our camp family members. Every camper will be treated equally and fairly in all areas of camp life. Each cabin will have two counsellors to care for your needs! You belong at KLC.


Not only to grow to have a greater confidence and belief in yourself but you will have an opportunity to begin or build on a relationship with the creator of the universe. God, Himself desires to be a part of our lives and grow with you into someone He believes you are.